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Hi, I'm Rachael 

It's so nice to meet you

Born & Raised in Fall River, Massachusetts I spent my first 20 years in this city. After graduating from Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in 2010 I hit the ground running. Beginning my career in Providence I was met with a hard dose of reality and by the end of 2011 I found myself enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  For the next four years I would joke that I got on the "wrong bus" because my hairdresser turned Marine story shook everyone around me and I soon became the the barracks beauty guru from Okinawa, Japan to San Diego, CA.  


In 2015 I exited the Marine Corps and immediately returned to the the beauty industry working in salons and freelancing all over Southern California by 2017 I was ready to bring it all back to the East Coast.

Over the last decade I've worked with top stylists and colorists learning the newest techniques and multiple hair extensions methods.


The first time I learned any method of hair extensions was in 2010 but my own hair extension journey is what changed my life.

My goal has always been for women look in the mirror and feel beautiful, powerful, and confident. Exactly how I felt having my first set of extensions weaved into my own hair. In an instant I was hooked.

At Defiant Design my goal is to defy nature and the idea that great hair has to be high maintenance. My goal is always to create a long lasting look that allows you ease of styling and low day-to-day maintenance while protecting the integrity of your natural hair.  

I believe you can have that fresh 'Just got my hair done' feeling everyday. 

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