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Blonding Services

Balayage, Highlighting, Double Process

All Blonding and hair colouring Services are charged at an hourly rate of $150/hr. 

All colour services will include Bond Builder treatments. Toner to perfect and protect your blonde, a maintenance trim to keep your hair it's healthiest, and a blowout & style ($240+ value).

Professional before & after photos will also be provided at your request.

Treatment, Tone, & Trim:

For your in-between color maintenance. Keep your blond looking as bright and fresh as the day it was done with this service. Includes Luxe conditioning treatment, toner, and maintenance trim. Recommended every 4-6 weeks to maintain desired results. 


Blond Wavy Hair
Beautiful Blonde Model

Over the last 12 years Rachael has been perfecting and mastering her skills in blonding and hair colouring services. 

Whether it's a perfectly blended baby light, a lived in balayage that lasts you 12 weeks (with a toner service in between, of course!), or a double process Malibu Barbie Blonde, Rachael's number one priority is to protect, maintain, and improve the integrity of your hair. Using the best products and techniques along side extensive colour theory training, results in long lasting hair colour that feels as incredible as it looks. 

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