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Our Methods

Sew-In Hand-Tied Weft
Hand Tied refers to the individual hair sewn or 'tied' onto a thread to make a single weft. This provides the most lightweight weft making it my favourite and most requested method for adding length, volume, or both! This method is the most versatile for styling as well as the least damaging using no chemicals, adhesives, or heat to apply. Maintenance appointments should be scheduled every 8-10 weeks.

Applied with small, silicone lined beads, this method allows for 360 degrees of rotation without the use of heat, adhesives, or chemicals. Hair may be re-used up to 3 times and is a cost effective option. However, hair must be moved up every 6 weeks.

K-Tip or Keratin Fusion
Keratin tip hair extensions are fusion bonded the the hair and provide a natural, seamless look on even the finest of hair. When professionally applied and properly cared for at home, these extensions can last up to 4-6 months before removal. 

Mixed Method

We all have different hair types, textures, and needs. For this reason, hair extension methods aren't always universal and often multiple methods may be mixed to create a desired result. 

Sew-In Traditional Weft
Also known as a volume or hybrid weft, this method is sewn into a silicone lined bead foundation. No heat, adhesives, or chemicals are used during installation making this a great option for those looking to achieve next level body and length.

Clip-in or Halo Options
Because we know that sometimes you want that little extra bit of glam for your event, wedding day, or just a night out. Defiant Design provides do-it-yourself options so you can break necks without breaking the bank. Custom colouring for these methods is also available. 

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